Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hello all!!

The first month of school is officially under our belts and things here at the little red school house couldn't be better!!
We have lots of returning friends and lots of new friends and everyone has settled in quite nicely!

October is one of my personal favorites. I love sitting in the office and listening to all of the talk on both sides of the building about halloween costumes and trick or treat plans. The silly themed songs are the background music to our lives right now and it makes me happy because halloween is such a fun holiday .. I love any excuse for a costume!!

It is so funny to hear what all of the kids want to be
Some are easy to guess .. lots of the little girls are planning to be one of the princesses .. elsa is the most popular choice as of now .. but then there are the ones that surprise you like the little girl who has older brothers and wants to be "a ninja turtle .. but not a nice one .. a mean one" or the little girl who is going to wear a sushi costume
We of course have boys who are excited about being super heroes and pirates and then there is the one who wants to be a raccoon and another who says he is going to be a balloon man

Whether the costume choice is similar to others or something a little different .. they will all be so adorable coming to school all dressed up

Now, if the weather would quit pretending that it is still August and get on board with the fact that it is fall, all will be right in the world :)

Happy Wednesday!!
with love..