Thursday, June 18, 2015


this book is a little bit overwhelming .. but a lot AWESOME!!
Hello, my name is Audrey, and I wish I was Martha Stewart….
     Except that whole prison, insider trading thing. If you really think about it, Martha gets paid to be a great house keeper and a great mom; although, I have no idea if she is great at either. I would love to get a pay check for making beautiful meals, keeping a beautiful home, tending an amazing garden, and doing crafts with or for my kids. Those are my favorite things to do, if you take out the keeping house part. I LOVE my garden! I think I was born with a black thumb, but I figure if I keep messing it up and learning from those experiences, I can force my black thumb to turn green someday. I am very persistent! I LOVE doing arts and crafts projects, but I wish I could come up with the idea, get it started, and then have someone else finish it for me and clean up, and if I was Martha, that would be true. I also love to cook. When J and I got married, I didn’t know how to cook anything. My mom signed Nancy and me up for a 14 week chef certification class. I learned so much! J gained 30 pounds in 14 weeks; you can’t eat like you are in a restaurant every day and not gain weight. I now love to cook and love to bake. The only other thing is the housekeeping, and I don’t love that. I am not good at it, but God blessed me with a husband who really could not care less.  So you see, I sort-of wish I was Martha Stewart.
Oh well…
Have a good one ..

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